4 Tips (And Our Advice) On How To Properly Take Care Of Your Nails

When we talk about nail care, we aren’t exactly speaking about painting them to match your outfit. The nail care we’re talking about involves keeping your skin and nails healthy and strong. Although some people don’t think twice about tending to their nails, everyone should take measures to keep their nails healthy. Without proper nail care, infections can creep into your nails and cause a lot pain for people trying to perform simple tasks. In order to help you keep your nails in good shape, we suggest knowing what to look out for and learning how to properly care for your nails.

What Should You Look Out For?

Some small variations in your nails, such as tiny white spots or small groves, are pretty common and tend to grow out along with your nails. However, some inconsistencies can be signs of infections or other problems and should be address by a dermatologist. These symptoms include:

  • Full changes in color of the nail
  • Curling, thickening, or thinning of nail
  • Separation of the nail from the skin
  • Consistent bleeding around the nail
  • Pain or other irritations around the nail

Proper Nail Care Tips

Ideally, we’d like for you to avoid developing a nail-related problem in the first place. A few basic nail care steps in your routine can help you keep your nails healthy. Here are our top four nail care tips we suggest in order to keep your fingertips in tip-top shape.

  1. Practice Good Nail Hygiene – We’re all taught to wash our hands regularly throughout the day. It turns out that this practice can do more than remove germs from your hands – it can also be good for your nails. We recommend taking the time to scrub your nails to remove any dirt or grime that sticks to their underside after using soap and water on the rest of your hands. Keeping a nail brush in the bathroom or a small one in your bag will also help you reach the hard to get places (such as the corners).
    Image courtesy of wikipedia.org

    Image courtesy of wikipedia.org

  2. Keep Your Nails Trimmed – When cutting your nails back, use sharp manicure scissors or clippers. Cut the nail straight across the top and then round the corners into smooth curves. Cutting nails this way eliminates the risk of accidentally trimming your skin, which is the last thing you want to do!
  3. Clean Your Tools Often – Keeping your clippers, files, and brushes clean is essential to stopping the spread of germs around your nails, fingers, and hands. Wash your tools after every use and sanitize them with alcohol prep pads to kill any bacteria or viruses that may be lurking on them.
  4. Stay Clear Of Your Mouth – We’re all told not to chew our nails because of the uneven look this habit can create. But it turns out that nail biting isn’t just a cosmetically bad habit – it’s dangerous for the health of your hands and nails. Excessive nail biting can lead to infections around the nail bed and the spread of warts. Fortunately, keeping your nails away from your mouth and breaking your habit of chewing them will help minimize your nails’ exposure to potentially nasty germs.

Laser Treatment Care For Nails

Sometimes, no matter how much you take care of them, your nails still end up with deep grooves or discoloration. These (mostly) harmless signs are often caused by genetics and can’t be fixed with proper nail care techniques. If this sounds like something you’re experiencing and would like to fix, laser treatments might be for you. At Aerolase Laser Centers, we specialize in laser treatments for all kinds of nail problems. Laser procedures for nails are proven to be a much safer and effective method compared to a more common oral medication or topical cream approach. To learn more about the specialized laser treatment options we offer just for nails, you can visit our website.

As you can see, it’s easy for everyone to keep their nails in good condition. Just by taking some extra time out of your day to think about your nails, you can help keep them looking natural and staying strong for years to come.

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