Fighting Adult Acne

You’re well past your teenage years, yet every now and then you look in the mirror, and low and behold, a big red pimple has sprouted on your face overnight. It’s understandable that this can be extremely frustrating and even embarrassing. But rest assured, you aren’t the only adult still dealing with breakouts. Acne affects a significant amount of adults well into their 30s, 40s and 50s.

Part of getting your skin to stay acne-free is understanding what causes adult acne in the first place. Keep reading to learn these causes and steps you can take to help your skin stay clear.

What Causes Adult Acne?

Breaking out as an adult can happen for many reasons. These are the most common causes:

  • Hormonal Changes – One of the most common causes of adult acne, especially in women, is a change in hormone levels. This change could come from switching or stopping birth control, menopause or a hormonal imbalance.
  • Stress – Doctors say stress causes adult acne because it releases cortisol, a hormone that makes your body produce more pore-clogging oil.
  • Diet – Foods like simple carbs and sugar, dairy and chocolate could provoke breakouts.
  • Medications – Certain medications, like lithium, antiseizure medications and corticosteroids can also cause acne.

Skin Care to Prevent and Fight Acne

In order to keep your skin free of dirt, excess makeup and other pollution your face picks up throughout the day, dermatologists recommend cleansing skin daily. Cleansing your face will also allow any other skin products you might use for acne and other skin conditions to reach your skin better. Find a gentle cleanser that won’t strip your skin.

Other products that will help keep your skin clear are over-the-counter retinoid creams and benzoyl peroxide. Use the latter only for occasional spot treatment. Daily use can lead to dry skin.

Severe Acne

If your acne breakouts are constant or painful, you should visit your dermatologist for treatment. He or she will be able to understand what exactly is causing your breakouts and make recommendations for a personalized treatment plan. Your doctor may prescribe over-the-counter medications or laser skin treatment to reduce acne.

At Aerolase Laser Centers, we offer uniquely pain-free acne laser treatments for both teens and adults alike. We want you to feel comfortable in your skin no matter what age!


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