Video Gallery

LightPod Lasers Overview
Explore what Aerolase lasers can do for you with the overview videos below.

LightPod Neo: The Neo is a uniquely gentle and versatile laser, which is safely and effectively used for a broad range of common aesthetic “no-downtime” skin treatments including unwanted hair, ingrown hairs, skin rejuvenation with wrinkle reduction (fine lines), spider veins, acne, rosacea and other redness, age spots and even scar revision among other aesthetic and medical treatments.

LightPod Era: The Era is the laser technology of choice for rejuvenating the face, neck chest, hands or other areas of the body by gently vaporizing and replenishing the skin’s outer layers in a precisely controlled manner. Refresh. Reveal. Renew. your skin with profound rejuvenation in a single treatment with minimal downtime.

LightPod Forte: The Forte gives Real Power and Real Results make this the gold-standard laser in podiatry for the treatments of feet, nails and ankles.

Individual Treatment Videos
These individual treatment videos will give you a more in-depth look of what Aerolase laser treatments can do for your condition.

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