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Warts | Before & After | LightPod Neo

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Warts | Before & After | LightPod Forte
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Warts | Before & After | LightPod Neo

A wart is a type of skin growth caused by a viral infection of the skin, commonly found on the fingers and around fingernails as well as the bottom of the feet. It commonly enters the body through an area of broken skin, which can cause rapid growth above the skin or even slow growth beneath the skin, as is common with plantar warts.

Some patients will respond better than others and the number of treatments for each vessel may depend on the depth and size of the wart.

How many treatment sessions are required?
This can vary depending on the depth and size of the wart. Typically warts disappear completely after 1-2 treatments although in some cases more treatments may be necessary.

Do I need to use topical anesthesia? What about gels?
No. Anesthetics and cooling gels are not needed with LightPod lasers, because 650-microsecond technology makes it uniquely pain-free. However, some buildup of heat will be experienced, especially using higher fluences with the 2mm lens.

Is it painful?
There is a mild sensation of heat that is very tolerable. A slight pinching feeling may occur when using higher fluences with the 2mm lens. This is one of the key technical breakthroughs of Aerolase technology! LightPod lasers have set a new standard for virtually pain-free treatment, even on darker skin types, thanks to 650-microsecond technology. This unique benefit saves time, cost and mess by eliminating gels and sprays required by other lasers that cool the skin during treatment. Also, this can increase revenues through a higher rate of client retention – with other lasers and IPL devices, clients often abandon treatment after just one or two treatments due to intolerable pain.

Is it permanent, or can the wart come back?
Once the vasculature feeding the wart has been destroyed, it is likely that it will be gone permanently, but it is important to take precaution so that no other infections occur. Some people are very prone to developing warts and a regimental upkeep may need to be performed.

Can it be used on dark skin?
Actually, LightPod lasers are the safest lasers in the industry for darker skin types or tanned skin. This is because of 650-microsecond technology, which essentially eliminates treatment pain while minimizing the chances of hyper and/ or hypo-pigmentation. Patients with skin types IV-VI should be treated very cautiously, especially in the facial region, as they pose a higher risk of having hyper and/or hypo-pigmentations.

Can it be used on raised warts or skin tags?
If you are unsure that the structure is a wart or skin tag it is advisable that a dermatologist should first check the raised structure before starting any kind of treatment. If the dermatologist clears the patient for treatment you may proceed with administering treatments.

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