Why Skin Rejuvenation?

Our skin, especially the face and décolleté, is adversely affected by environmental elements every day of the year. Winter dehydrates the skin leaving it dull, dry, and rough. With springtime, comes allergies and itchy skin. Summer fun in the sun results in premature aging, oiliness, dark spots, and textural changes. Fall brings continued sun exposure and dryness due to the drop in the temperature.

Skin rejuvenation starts with daily skin regimens consisting of medical grade skin care products that have been scientifically developed to nourish, protect, and hydrate, and correct the skin. An individualized skin care regimen starts with a pH balanced cleanser that will effectively yet gently remove impurities from the skin. A retinol helps to increase cell turnover promoting a bright, even, and clear complexion. Antioxidant serums with vitamin C and E protect the skin by providing nutrients that enhance skin resilience when exposed to the elements. A moisturizing sunscreen hydrates the skin while protecting against the formation of free radical damage caused by ultraviolet light exposure. To maximize the benefits of sunscreen, it must be applied daily, regardless of the season, weather, or skin complexion. With a comprehensive daily skin care regimen, the skin is protected against cumulative environmental insults.

Skin rejuvenation can be enhanced with professional laser and chemical peel procedures working in conjunction with your daily skin care regimen. Not all treatments are created equal and care must be taken when determining the proper procedure that is safe for your skin. Aerolase Neo aesthetic laser is safe for all skin types yet powerful enough to produce results. PCA Skin chemical peel treatments have been scientifically blended to renew and nurture the skin while minimizing irritation. These specialized formulations can be used to treat even those with sensitive skin. The combination of laser and chemical peels improve skin texture, minimize dark spots caused by the sun and inflammation, control acne, decrease fine line and wrinkles, brighten the complexion, and decrease skin laxity and pore size.

It is not necessary for the skin to be exposed to relentless environmental toxins. Rejuvenation is attainable and essential. Daily medical grade skin care solutions, laser skin rejuvenation, and chemical peels provide an effective means to nourish, protect, hydrate, and correct. When the skin is healthy, beauty and confidence follows.

To learn more about an individualized skin care and treatment regimen, please contact Skin Oasis Dermatology at 410-451-0500 for a consultation. Dr. Miles will evaluate your skin and develop a treatment regimen to enhance your natural beauty.

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Dr. Katina Byrd Miles is a graduate of Howard University College of Medicine. She completed her internal medicine residency at University of Maryland at Baltimore and dermatology residency at Georgetown University. Dr. Miles is a board certified dermatologist and a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. She is an expert in skin cancer detection and treatment and is a Skin of Color specialist. Dr. Miles is the founder and Medical Director of Skin Oasis Dermatology where she is ready to serve you.

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